6418 - Deploying Windows Server 2008, Day 2

On Day 2 of the class, we covered the following topics:
Windows Deployment Services
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Upgrading and Migrating Active Directory.

With regards to Windows Deployment Services, we covered how the deployment of windows systems has changed, and we have a new methodology, whereby it is more suited to imaging systems that may have underlying different hardware. Now, there are methods for updating drivers and patches on an image, while the image file is offline.

While covering the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, we dug in and looked at some of the excellent utilities that Microsoft provides for modifying a .wim file (the new base file format for a system), such as imagex, which can be used to modify an image without first mounting it.

Also covered on day 2 was the GUI, as well as command line, methods for Upgrading and Migrating Active Directory.

The training so far has been top notch at New Horizons, of which I attribute a good portion of that credit to Mr. Kirk McArdle.

As is my tradition, I must remind you that if you would like to reach out to me, Lewis Lampkin, III, I can be reached on linked in, at the following address:

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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