Hands-on Git Tasks - Part #1 of 5 | First Git Commit

This post is part of a 5-post series on using Git.

Hands-on Git Tasks - Part #1 of 5 | First Git Commit

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Hands-On Git Tasks - Part #5 of 5 | Merging

Follow these steps to make a commit using Git (locally) in your AWS Cloud9 Environment. (For steps to create your Cloud9 Environment, go here: https://medium.com/@lewislampkin/creating-an-integrated-developer-environment-ide-in-the-cloud-in-two-minutes-c96e33b2fa3e)

1. Check Git version

2. Create Working Directory 

3. Initialize Git

4. Rename the branch 

5. Create a file to add to git

6. Stage the file

7. Set author name and e-mail 

8. Commit

9. Check git log

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