Hands-on Git Tasks - Part #3 of 5 | Navigating Project Branches

This post is part of a 5-post series on using Git.

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Hands-on Git Tasks - Part #3 of 5 | Navigating Project Branches

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Follow these steps for an example of how to navigate the branches of your project in your AWS Cloud9 environment. (For steps to create your Cloud9 Environment, go here: https://medium.com/@lewislampkin/creating-an-integrated-developer-environment-ide-in-the-cloud-in-two-minutes-c96e33b2fa3e)

01. Check the log
git log
git log --oneline
Notice that the HEAD is currently pointing to the main branch.

02. List the files

03. Move to the first commit using the checkout commad
git checkout [hash]
Note: can use the full hash, or the shorter version from the "git log --oneline" This shows us what the repository looked like during the first commit

04. check git log again
git log

05. List the files from first commit

06. Move to the 'Main' branch using the checkout command
git checkout main

07. check the log
git log

08. List files in the 'Main' branch

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