Hands-on Git Tasks - Part #5 of 5 | Merging

This post is part of a 5-post series on using Git.

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Hands-On Git Tasks - Part #5 of 5 | Merging

Follow these steps for an example of how to merge code from a 'feature' branch into the 'main' branch. Did glance over branching in an earlier tutorial, but did not cover the merging of branches.

01. Go to the local-repo folder

02. check branches: git branch

03. create a new branch: git branch feature

04. check branches again: git branch

05. checkout the feature branch

06. create, add and commit a new file in 'switching' branch: switching.txt

ls echo "circuit, packet, message" > switching.txt git add switching.txt git commit -m "Added switching feature" ls

07. get-back to the 'main' branch: git checkout main

08. create, add, and commit a new file in the 'main' branch: routing.txt

ls echo "static, default, dynamic" > routing.txt git add routing.txt git commit -m "Added routing to main" ls

09. merge 'feature' into 'main' branch.

ls git merge feature ls git log

10. delete 'feature' branch

git branch git branch -d feature git branch

11. Validate that you have all the files you want in main.

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